Online Primary Membership Form

GTRW Primary Membership Form

  • This is the opportune time to join Golden Triangle Republican Women! GTRW is currently the largest Republican Women’s Organization in Texas and WE NEED MORE MEMBERS to help us TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS IN 2024!
  • Primary Members of GTRW are NOT MEMBERS of any other local Republican Women’s organization.
  • Annual dues paid to GTRW are used to enroll members in our parent organizations, TEXAS FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN and NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN.
  • Once you have completed the Membership Form, PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE “REGISTER and PAY” BUTTON at the bottom of the page! This will take you to the Paypal portal where you may use your personal Paypal Account or you may pay as a guest with your credit or debit card.
  • We need to know in which Texas Senatorial District you reside. Please click here to locate:
  • Again, we so appreciate your joining our Republican Organization and look forward to working with you throughout the coming years. 
  • IF YOU EVER encounter an issue with this form, please email: with the particulars.